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Love it or hate it, you cannot escape it. If you're in business, you need to embrace and engage and have that conversation on social media. You don't need to be on everything that's out there, but you do need to find the platforms that are best suited for you and your business and maximise the potential of social media. We can steer you in the right direction with a socal media strategy plan, or we can manage your social media for you working on an agreed plan and fixed fee.

if you are new to social media

If you don't know whether you should be tweeting, posting, boosting, scheduling, pinning, following, liking or linking - and if the statement 'what is it all about?' resontates with you, then we can help. Our flexible approach means that you can book us for a 1hr consultation (by phone or in person) or a half-day training session. We can even provide something in between as we will tailor our training to what you need, taking your personal knowledge and experience into consideration and creating a session that suits you, saving you time and money. We can also get you started by setting up your accounts and profiles in your chosen platforms so you are on your way.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business make the most out of social media.