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training workshops in marketing, business writing, branding and social media

Could your staff benefit from some marketing training workshops? We provide on-site or off-site training in most of the services of marketing that we provide so in the long run, you don't have to hire us for those services, you can just hire us to train your good people to provide them for you. The sessions we provide are 3 hours in duration and are suitable for 1-10 delegates, but we can take more if you have them, at no extra cost. We charge for our time, not yours - so 3 hours is 3 hours no matter how many you have on the workshop. Therefore, our costs will stay the same whether you send 1 or 20 delegates.

If you want a tailored workshop, we can modify the workshop to suit your industry, your current marketing objectives and the skillset of your staff. And our costs are transparent:

On-site 3hr Workshop - £450 (within 20 mile radius)

For workshops outside the 20 mile radius, travel expenses will also be charged - nothing on top, just the train fare.

For off-site workshops, you can just add the cost of the venue hire to the workshop fee. So if you have a nearby hotel or training centre that you have a good rate with, we'll train you there. If you would like us to organise the venue, we can do that too.


This lively interactive workshop will give you an insight into what branding means for your business and provide you with the tools to fine tune your brand and image to make a big difference to your business success.

• Understanding your brand and brand values
• Developing your brand
• Projecting your product, message and image
• Projecting your product, message and image
• Review your brand/logo/image
• Actions to take forward

Delegates will have the opportunity to use the workshop as a 'focus group' to fine tune or create their brand, and leave with personal actions to take forward.


Staring at a blank page or screen? Waiting for the words to come to you? Does your writing meander and miss the point?
The written word is all important and all powerful - it has to achieve so many things - catch the attention of the reader, interest them, inform them and inspire them to act. If you are responsible for writing emails, press releases, newsletters, social media posts or the entire content for a website, this workshop is for you. We will cover the following:

• email writing
• press releases
• newsletters
• website content
• choosing the tone of your writing
• knowing your audience
• planning your copy
• filling the blank page
• testing your copy

Delegates are invited to submit a recent piece of copy (preferably a flier/newsletter/brochure) prior to the workshop for review and feedback.


Every time you send an email, post on social media, write a letter or even pick up the phone – you market your business. Make sure you get it right. There are many strands to the marketing discipline and this compact, interactive workshop will help you discover cost-effective, result-driven methods that you can immediately mobilise to market your business, capitalising on what you do already and exploring all the areas of the discipline specifically for small businesses, such as:

• business copywriting*
• email marketing
• website and social media*
• branding*
• marketing communications planning*

However big, small or non-existent your marketing budget is, you will come away from this workshop with valuable actions that you can implement immediately to drive your business forward, retain existing clients and build new ones.

* We also run separate workshops in these topics which will deliver finer detail in each subject than time will allow in this workshop.


This workshop is aimed at pre-starts, start-ups and small businesses who are either planning to build a website or have a website which is not truly delivering its potential It is ideal for those who find themselves outside their comfort zone when it comes to IT and the Internet, or those who are comfortable using IT but don’t know how to make the most of it for their business. You may be just starting in business and know that a website is an essential marketing tool. Or you may have embraced the web within the last few years, had a website built and there it sits, out there in the ether effectively ‘gathering dust’ and not bringing in enquiries or business. In this workshop, we will give you the broad basics on making the internet work for your business and will cover areas such as:

• domain registration and name selection
• planning your website and developing your spec
• finding a website designer or going it alone
• structure and navigation
• email marketing
• social networking
• copywriting for the web
• search engine optimisation
• tips, tricks and recommendations

You will come away from this workshop with a much better understanding of what the internet can and should do for your business, and ready to start the process of developing a new site or redeveloping your old one.